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About Burgess & Berry Insulation Co., Inc.

B&B Building

Burgess & Berry Insulation was founded in 1998 with a commitment to quality service and job safety in the industrial
and commercial insulation field.

Dennis Burgess, along with initial partner Carlos Berry, started the company in 1998 with more than 30 years combined experience. Lisa Burgess has served as President since the inception of the company. In 2003, Dennis & his wife, Lisa, become the sole partners in the business, and continue to provide the management to date.

Working throughout the Tennessee Valley, Burgess & Berry Insulation offers insulation services which cover a wide range from new construction to expansion, outages, modular work, as well as working for various mechanicals contractors in the North Alabama region and state. Using non-asbestos insulation materials, such as Fiberglass and Pipe Covering, Cal-Sil, Armaflex, Foam Glass, Poly Styrene, and Urethane, we offer quality insulation to our customers. From mechanical systems work such as pipe and duct insulation to tank insulation, as well as outage work for energy plants, we are qualified to meet the insulation needs for a variety of situations. However, we do not perform an asbestos abatement work or any residential work.


Affiliated with the Asbestos Workers local 78 of Birmingham, Alabama, we offer a highly skilled workforce committed to quality, safety, and efficiency. Our workforce is trained through the Tennessee Valley Training Center, as well as meeting the safety qualifications required by each individual customer we work with. For more information on our commitment to safety, click here.

It is our goal to continue to provide quality work along with committed customer service to our present clients,
as well as our future clients.